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Last updated: 03rd August 2020
Crew count: 254 (+0)
Newest pirates: Aya


Shanks is the captain of the Akagami Kaizoku-dan (Red-Haired Pirates). Luffy first encounters Shanks in his hometown of Fuusha-mura (Windmill Village), where Shanks docks his ship for awhile. Young Luffy is inspired by the jolly crew and persistently requests to join them, but Shanks refuses because Luffy is still too young. At one point he even carves a scar under his eye to try to prove how badass he is, but of course that's not enough to make it on the seas.

During one of their visits, the crew brings back Akuma no Mi (Devil Fruit) and finds out all too late that Luffy ate it for dessert, granting him his trademark powers. Later on, Luffy is tossed into the sea during a scuffle with a local mountain bandit. Just before he can be devoured by the local sea monster, Shanks saves him at the cost of his left arm.

Soon Shanks announces that he'll be departing the village for good. Luffy knows that Shanks won't take him along, and instead boldly proclaims that he will set out on his own someday and become Kaizoku-ou (Pirate King). To this end, Shanks leaves his precious straw hat in Luffy's care, asking Luffy to promise to return it when he's become a great pirate.

Shanks is later titled one of the Yonkou (Four Emperors) - the strongest pirates in the New World.